Edward Bancroft OD and Palmer Vision Clinic Offer The Best In Sunglasses For Total Eye Care

An optometrist you can trust is exactly what our practice at Edward Bancroft OD and Palmer Vision Clinic provides to you and your family. Did you know that sunglasses are an important part of total eye care for your entire family. From the little ones to adult sunglasses with style and flair, we have a selection of top-notch sunglasses that are sure to catch your eye. 

The Best In Sunglasses For Total Eye Care

Dr. Edward Bancroft Wants To Care For Your Vision In Palmer and Anchorage Alaska 

With two locations to serve you, you'll be able to pick out the right pair of prescription sunglasses that suits your lifestyle and style goals. Have the fun with sunglasses is looking great wearing them, right? They should be something you are going to enjoy wearing that protects your eyes from the damaging UVA/UVB rays of the sun. So why wear a pair of sunglasses you don't like? When our practice has so many fantastic styles to choose from the entire family will go home with the right pair that will last for years. 

Prescription Sunglasses Are Key From A Skilled Optometrist

When you wear glasses or contacts, it doesn't make any sense to wear a pair of sunglasses that aren't the same as your prescription. The right prescription lenses are going to set you up to see the world and protect your eyes everyday you wear them. If you haven't worn prescription sunglasses before and have just been settling for regular ones, you'll be amazed at the difference it makes in your total eye care. 

Insightful Eye Care Is Our Specialty

Some of the other benefits to wearing prescription sunglasses are the protection of glare when driving, much better vision during daylight hours, protection against common eye irritants like dust, pollen, and air pollution, and photo keratitis. That's basically "sunburn" of your eye area. The right frames can also protect against various skin cancers around the delicate eye area. So basically what we are saying is that the health of your eyes should be taken very seriously. And for the eyes of those that you love. It's never too early to get your little ones wearing the right pair of sunglasses each and every time they go outside. Making it a habit can absolutely protect their eyes for the future. 

Visit Dr. Bancroft At Edward Bancroft OD or Palmer Vision Clinic Today

Stop by to see us or give us a quick call in Anchorage at (907)562-2020 or in Palmer at(907)745-4383 to schedule an appointment. Our talented optometry staff is going to set you on the road to that stylish pair of prescription sunglasses you and your family will love. 


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