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Prioritize Senior Eye Care

Palmer Vision Clinic serves the regions of Palmer and Anchorage with quality optometry services. If you are a senior you may discover that your sight is changing progressively. Many eye conditions that are associated with aging can be managed and your sight can be improved if they are caught early. On the other hand, many degenerative eye conditions can take your vision and it can never be restored. Preventative care and early detection make a world of difference. This is why it is important to keep regular eye exam appointments after you reach a certain age.


Increased Eye Exams As You Age

Some conditions that reduce vision or even cause blindness can occur with little or no symptoms. Early detection is key for optimal vision as you age. We check for conditions that need early detection and management, perform diabetic eye exams, glaucoma testing, and cataracts. We also do routine eye exams, contact lens exams, and provide prescription eyewear. If you have not already established a regular eye exam routine start now to preserve your vision throughout your senior years.

Aging affects the whole body and eyesight is no exception. Just like a great diet can improve your overall health, certain foods and precautions can help preserve your eyesight as you age. Ask about specific supplements when you visit our eye doctor. If you want to eat for your good eye health, a great place to start is with healthy fats like fish oil.

Healthy fruits and vegetables include the most colorful and tasty. Red tomatoes have lutein and carrots have specific vitamins that are great for your eyesight. Eating for your health and wearing protective eyewear like sunglasses and ski goggles can go a long way towards preventing age-related vision loss. Also, be sure to schedule regular eye exams with our eye doctor to catch any issues early before irreversible damage is done.

Get Quality Senior Eye Care in Palmer & Anchorage, AK

Palmer Vision Clinic serves the Anchorage and Palmer areas. Edward Bancroft, OD is your local optometrist for quality senior eye care and comprehensive exams. Eyecare is important at any age but especially in your senior years. Maintaining and protecting your eye health are our priorities. Call our Anchorage office today at (907) 562-2020 or our Palmer office at (907) 745-4373 to schedule an appointment.


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