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Polarized Glasses From Our Optometrist in Palmer and Anchorage

If you spend a lot of time on or near water, you might have become accustomed to glare when light reflects from the water back toward you. However, you don't have to deal with this happening. Polarized glasses were designed to reduce glare from light, so you can enjoy your favorite activities more comfortably without compromising your vision.

Polarized glasses are often used by kayakers, boaters, fishers, drivers, and among other hobbyists. Polarized lenses can even make it easier for you to see through the water and can reduce glare when you are driving. At Edward Bancroft, OD in Anchorage and Palmer Vision Clinic in Palmer, we have polarized glasses to protect intense reflected light while you are outside.

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About Polarized Glasses

While regular sunglasses can reduce the amount of sunlight, they do not deal with light that's reflected back at you. This is why polarized glasses are handy for anyone who enjoys time on the water. However, this is not the only situation in which you might find polarized glasses beneficial. Some people wear this type of glasses when driving. Snow can also reflect light directly toward your eyes. Skiers and snowboarders are among the athletes who might also wear polarized glasses. Be aware that polarized glasses can reduce some details when skiing, however. Motorcycle riders should not wear polarized glasses for a similar reason.

Polarized glasses are also not convenient when you need to look at an LED screen. When you try to use your phone or an ATM, it might be difficult when you wear the glasses. This is because those screens polarize light that's projected at your eyes. Polarized glasses can be especially dangerous if worn anywhere with a LCD instrument panel, such as in an airplane.

Shopping for Polarized Glasses

While you can purchase polarized glasses with lenses of different thicknesses, a thicker lens doesn't equate to more protection. It does, however, provide higher impact resistance. Our optometrist in Palmer and Anchorage can suggest which polarized glasses will the best choice for your daily lifestyle.

You can even purchase polarized glasses that are prescription. When shopping for polarized glasses, consider if you want sun protection. Just because lenses are polarized, it doesn't mean the glasses protect your eyes against the sun's rays. However, you can find glasses that protect against UV-A and UV-B light that are also polarized.

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