Picking The Right Frames

Do you need glasses? Picking the right frames can be overwhelming!

At Edward Bancroft, OD and Palmer Vision Clinic, your optometrist in Anchorage and Palmer, we know how hard it can be to pick out just the right frames for your new glasses. To help you make your choice more quickly and easily when you come in, we have some suggestions.

woman wearing new eyeglasses

Choose the right frames for the shape of your face.

For convenience, we usually classify facial feature into seven shapes: oval, heart-shaped, oblong, base-down triangle, diamond-shaped, rectangular, and square. We'll consider the shape of your face when we are recommending frames, but if you want to confirm your facial shape for yourself, just pull your hair away from your face and look in a mirror. Look at the contour of your face and match it to one of these seven configurations.

  • Oval: If you have an oval face, you want to preserve your balanced proportions. You can do this with frames that are as wide as the widest part of your face. Often a walnut-shape with frames that aren't too narrow or too deep is your best choices.
  • Heart: The top two-thirds of a heart-shaped face are wider than the bottom third. To complement this face, choose frames that are wider at the bottom. Rimless frames or light-colored frames are usually a good choice.
  • Oblong: An oblong face has a long, straight cheek line. It's longer than it is wide. To make the face seem more balanced, choose frames that have less width and more depth. Decorative temples also add width to the face.
  • Base down triangle: A face with contours lie a base-down triangle is wider at the mouth than at the forehead. For this face type, it's best to draw attention to the forehead with colorful frames and detail at the top of the frame. A cat-eye shape often works.
  • Diamond: The rarest face shape is wider at the middle of the face and narrower at the mouth and forehead. This is the diamond-shaped face. These facial contours are complemented with frames that have distinctive detailing or brow lines. Rimless or oval lenses often work.
  • Rectangle and square: For rectangular and square faces, it is often a good idea to soften the angles of the face. These face types also often are complemented by oval lenses.

Eye color, hair color, skin tone, and your frames

There are countless variations of eye color, hair color, and skin tone. When choosing frames to complement your eyes, hairs, and skin, don't try to match shades. Decide whether you want frames that are "warm" or "cool."  If you want "warmer" colors, choose frames that are blond tortoise, warm blue, camel, copper, coral, gold, khaki, off-white, or fire-engine red. If you want "cooler" colors, choose amber, black, brown, silver, or dark tortoise.

You can look good with the right frames from Dr. Bancroft.

Dr. Bancroft, your optometrist in Anchorage and Palmer, has the frames you need. Make an appointment today to get the frames that make you look great! You can call us at 907-745-4373 for Palmer, and 907-562-2020 for Anchorage!


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