Find the Eyeglasses That Match Your Style At Edward Bancroft, OD and Palmer Vision Clinic

At Edward Bancroft OD and Palmer Vision Clinic, we know that eyeglasses aren’t just simple medical devices to improve your vision. They also make a style statement. Think about it. When people meet you, the first thing they’ll do is make eye contact. And that means they’ll form an opinion of you based on initial appearance -- and your new eyeglasses will play a big part in that first impression.

If you’re looking for eyeglasses in Anchorage or Palmer, please visit Edward Bancroft OD or Palmer Vision Clinic. We’ll show you how to select the eyeglasses that will best work with the shape of your face and the statement you’d like to make.

Find the Eyeglasses That Match Your Style At Edward Bancroft, OD and Palmer Vision Clinic

What Style is Yours?

Perhaps the best place to start is with the shape of your face. Is it long, oval, round, diamond, square, traingular or heart-shaped? That’s a lot to know, but it’s important because different eyeglass types -- aviator, cat-eye or oval, among countless others -- work better with different face shapes. You’ll find more about the impact face shape might make on your eyewear buying decision here.

Then you must make the decision as to what general statement you wish to make with your eyewear. Are you interested in a trendy approach? Are you a hipster? Looking to make a retro or serious statement? Or do you have more of a classis sense of style?

It’s a little more complex than you thought it might be, isn’t it? But don’t worry. At Edward Bancroft OD and Palmer Vision Clinic we’ll help you every step of the way, from your initial vision exams and your eyeglass prescription to the selection of the frames that lend themselves to an image that’s distinctly you.  

You’ll also find a generous selection of leading eyeglass brands at  the Anchorage and Palmer offices. In addition, we have a generous selection of prescription and non-prescription sunglasses with extra UV protection to keep your vision safe in the sun.  

About Palmer Vision Clinic and Edward Bancroft OD

Palmer Vision Clinic, at 440 West Evergreen, Suite C, is owned and operated by Edward Bancroft, OD, a leading optometrist in Palmer and Anchorage. The Anchorage office is located at 4045 Lake Otis Parkway Suite 203. In addition to frames and sunglasses, we provide such optical care services as optical and eye exams and contact lens exams. Remember, eyeglasses are much more than simple optical devices. They also make a statement -- whatever statement you’d like to make. Come in, browse, ask us for help and take your time finding the frames that reflect the real you.

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