Dry Eye

Dry Eye Treatment Provided By Our Anchorage or Palmer Optometrist

Dry eye is an unpleasant condition that can give you a gritty feeling in your eye or may cause your eyes to burn. For some, the condition can even interfere with their vision. Our optometrist at Edward Bancroft, OD and Palmer Vision Clinic, serving Palmer, Anchorage, and the surrounding area, can help reduce your symptoms with a variety of dry eye treatments. 


General Information about Dry Eye 

You might experience dry eye because of inadequate tear production or poor quality tears. You can also suffer from dry eye if your tears evaporate quickly. Sometimes, environmental factors, hormones, and medications can increase your risk for dry eye. 

If you have dry eye, you may experience a stinging or burning sensation in your eyes, have blurry vision, or have frequent bouts of eye fatigue. You can also develop stringy mucus in your eyes or become sensitive to light. Dry eye can affect your ability to see, in particular, at night. Some people have difficulty wearing contacts since they tend to dry the eyes out. 

Diagnosis of Dry Eye 

Generally, the diagnostic process for dry eye just requires a verbal analysis of your symptoms. Based on your responses, our optometry practitioner can determine if you suffer from dry eye. Sometimes, our optometrist can discover the cause of your condition based on your medical history, such as if you're on certain medications or had LASIK eye surgery. However, further testing, such as a comprehensive vision and eye health screening, is often needed to determine the root cause of your dry eye. During your eye exam, you will have to read letters or numbers through a machine to evaluate your visual acuity. Our optometrist will look into your eyes using a specialized magnifying device to assess your eyes for internal problems. Our optometry practitioner may even measure the volume and quality of your tears using specialized tests. 

Dry Eye Treatment  

There are many procedures and medications that can treat dry eye. Our optometrist may prescribe medicated eye drops or over-the-counter drugs to help hydrate your eyes and control your symptoms. If dry eye is affecting your daily life, our doctor may suggest closing your tear ducts or wearing specialty contacts to relief your dry eye.

Get Rid Of Your Dry Eye Symptoms with the Help of Our Optometry Specialist in Anchorage and Palmer

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